Jiu-Jitsu / San Diego class added to the schedule

Question : So what can possibly be better than Jiu- Jitsu ?

Answer: More Jiu-Jitsu !

Yes, if you guessed more Jiu Jitsu you were right!  We already know that the 10 am class is a very popular time among SDSU students and members who work 2nd or 3rd shift.  We also realize the 7 pm works perfect for the 9-5 rs who come in to train Jiu-Jitsu after work. But can we serve our current students and future students better by offering an earlier class during the week? Maybe you have dinner plans after work but still want to train. Maybe you are a mom or dad and want to be home in time to read to your son or daughter before they go to bed . What ever the case may be we just made another option! Starting February 17th 2015 a 5 pm Jiu-Jitsu class has been added.

So far here is what to expect.

From the start a quick warm up and some technique to follow.

How long ? 1 hour to train and work on your technique that you learned from the day  or weeks prior.

Will there be live training/ rolling ? This 5 pm Jiu-Jitsu class will have an open mat about half way through so you will get some rounds to choke and arm lock each other.

Is this an advanced or beginner friendly class? Good question and all levels are welcome because this format helps beginners get their feet wet without being overwhelmed . This also pushes the advanced level competitors to think and work quickly with less time on the clock just like competition.

See you all Tuesdays at 5 pm .

Have any more questions or concerns , let us know feedback is always appreciated .







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