Strength & Conditioning Training

Strength & Conditioning Training

City of Champions’ Strength & Conditioning training classes are designed to develop physical strength and the ability to use it in real world and athletic situations. Focused on a combination of circuit training, explosive Olympic lifts, kettlebell techniques and body weight exercises the class is always evolving and presenting new and unique challenges. A great way to keep fit and improve athletic performance this 60 minute class will get you sweating! Designed for all levels from beginning to advanced.

Kettlebell Conditioning

Our kettlebell conditioning class is an incredible way to get into shape too! Resembling a cannonball with a handle the Kettlebells center of mass is extended beyond the handle to allow a better range of motion for explosive exercises and muscle building than traditional dumbbells. Lifted competitively in Russia and Central Asia in “Girevoy Sport” competitions since the 1960’s, America has recently seen an explosion in the sport due to their effectiveness for strength gains and minimal injury risk.
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