Brand Spankin’ New


Hello! Gerald here and I’m so excited to start blogging about our Muay Thai team! We’ve recently decided to dedicate Saturday afternoons for team practice for our members who want to fight competitively or level up their ‘Art of 8 limbs’ skills. Most of our sessions consist of sparring, padwork review from the week, and critiques/feedback. The past few sessions have shown great interest along with high-quality training, encouraging both new and veteran members to become more passionate in the sport.

The experience level between new and veteran members reminds me of a teacher-student relationship. I’ve always found the bond between teacher and student to be fascinating. It’s an interesting relationship because you are constantly sharing knowledge, experiences, feeling empowered but also humbled down. The roles are constantly switched back and forth and it never gets boring. I’m very grateful to have worked with everyone I’ve met along my journey because it definitely builds your character; you discover more about yourself. Every time I see someone new walk through our door and meet them, I always imagine what they can potentially wind up to be. They could be the next world champ or the next most sought-out trainer! It truly boggles my mind when I think about it and that’s why I love our gym. We provide that kind of positive energy and setting where members can live and thrive.

Aiming high with that drive and determination is exactly what they’re gonna need when we host our 2nd In-house Muay Thai/Jiu-Jitsu Fight Night. Scheduled for November 22, we have a few cards lined up, mostly our new members showing off what they’ve learned. Our first event was a huge success with a full house, people crowding around the back alley, cheers and screams echoing throughout the gym, the atmosphere was hype! I’m stoked because everyone’s been helping each other work hard not just during class, but it’s the extra time spent after class, even outside the gym that we show each other respect, friendship, and camaraderie. I can’t wait to see what each participant gains after this experience. We look forward to hanging out and seeing you here!


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