Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Mat on Saturday

Jiu Jitsu open mat

Jiu Jitsu  open mat is now on Saturdays at 9 am . In the past we have always had open mat on Sunday but now we decided to switch it up for the  fall season. This Jiu Jitsu  open mat is open to the public for friends of students to come roll with us or even try a free class .

What is Open mat and how is it different from a normal class? Open mat is first a day where we show up and train, we set the timer and roll rounds to sharpen up on technique learned from the prior week . Its a perfect day to prepare for competitions also as competing on weekends is most common.

Are beginners welcome to this Jiu Jitsu open mat? Yes ! Beginners are always welcome to this class , we strongly encourage beginners to open mat because its a perfect way to improve very quickly and to meet a large portion of the other teammates.

This open mat is  with the Gi or commonly known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  so show up and train with us we would love to have you here!


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