Damian Ruiz – Muay Thai

Damian Ruiz

Damian Ruiz began training in martial arts in 2007, when he studied Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu in Mexico. Seeking to focus on more direct combat skills, he soon transitioned into training in MMA at various gyms in Mexicali and the Imperial Valley. Through MMA, Damian discovered his love for the “striking” arts, and moved on to focusing on Boxing and more exclusively, Muay Thai.

Damian’s passion for Muay Thai in particular brought him to San Diego, where he competed in several events. After gaining fighting experience, he advanced to teaching Muay Thai, and has served as an instructor for large group classes, small group workshops, and one-on-one personal training sessions.

Damian maintains an open-minded approach to teaching, as his style has been shaped by combining the most effective strategies practiced by the many coaches he has learned from throughout his life. His classes provide a strong foundation in techniques for effective fighting and self-defense, while also offering a full-body workout, combining elements of pad work, partner drills, and cardio conditioning. Damian ensures students understand the theory of when, why, and how to utilize each technique, while also maximizing the application of these strategies through a continuously active learning experience.

He is pursuing a degree in Psychology at San Diego State University, and plans to focus his future work on adolescent psychology, to help youth who are going through difficult experiences.

Damian is thrilled to have the opportunity to support City of Champions members in excelling at Muay Thai and achieving their fitness and competition goals. He is an advocate for learning martial arts at all ages, and believes people of all experience levels can benefit from participating in combat sports. He always welcomes new students to try out a class, or consider personal training for more individualized instruction.

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